2016.08.03 – NJ: In Liberal South Jersey Town, All-in for Trump Means Vandalism, Threats, Rock-throwing, Thefts, Arson Threat

Boisvert listed off the violent incidents during an interview last Friday:

  • Her car, with plenty of Trump support visible, got keyed.
  • Trump banners were repeatedly stolen, maybe a dozen times, until finally secured with luggage locks.
  • An American flag was ripped down August 3, tossed to the ground.
  • Dog poop got dumped on the lawn in front of the sign which read “God bless America, God bless Trump.” Multiple times.
  • People screamed at her that she is either a racist or anti-Muslim, or both, which she says is untrue. Epithets were shouted, mostly in the dark of night, followed by a screech of tires.
  • There was even a threat to burn her home down.
  • The vandalism and harassment became so frequent at one point that local police loaned the sisters a surveillance video camera. The camera captured the rocks thrown at the home Boisvert and her sister, Kirsten, rent in Collingswood, a South Jersey community they both love.