2 Hoaxes – Illma Gore: Hate Crime Or Performance Art?

I came across this IN STUDIO interview of Illma Gore and my BS radar went off…

Here is her interview:

So I googled her some more and saw, not surprisingly, that a week out from the alleged attack there were “no leads”…

LA Time: A week out, no leads in assault of artist who created naked Trump painting

So I googled some more and found that she made another claim against someone she claimed was a Trump-supporter. This time she claimed she was kidnapped for 2-hours by a Trump-supporting Uber driver. This is where I became seriously suspicious of her credibility. Uber doesn’t take this stuff lightly. Everything is trackable by GPS (Illma even says at one point in her story “he has the adress (sic) in maps”).

Reddit archive of kidnapping claim.

Q: “Aside from getting attacked, what’s the weirdest thing thats happened to you because of the painting?”

A: “Being kidnapped in an UBER for 2 hours.”

“I have to note, this was in the thick of the press generated from the art piece, after being attacked and appearances like CNN etc.
I got into a Uber at my house (I do not own a car in the US.. yet!) and the man immediately recognized me as I got in, told me how he thinks art is fleeting, to which I agreed. He told me he was a veteran, and during the ride got progressively and progressively angrier talking about inner city neighborhoods, people stealing jobs, the economy, how stupid everyone is. I believe he was mentally ill because he was muttering to himself a lot, its not my place to say that of course but I like to think I know when and when not to instigate or say something and this felt so volatile, I felt unsafe but also felt like I couldn’t say something without upsetting him further or getting hurt, I just decided to shut my mouth and get to my destination.

He went the wrong way drove through beverley hills yelling about the state of America and than to a gas station where he told me he’d be right back.. I dont know why I didn’t get out than… but I didn’t. It had already been an hour to a destination that should take 15 minutes.

We drove up the canyon into the hills, and as we reached my destination I said ‘here is fine, just up on the left’.
He kept driving. I thought he misheard me so I said it again, he slows near some men walking and asks them something in spanish, they answer and he keeps driving. I start to get bad anxiety, remember I feel like I cant speak up because he may be violent and I was also recently attacked, so, my anxiety is way higher than usual about the situation even if he wasn’t (I like to think I am tough but my anxiety sometimes gets me). We keep driving and I say again, thinking maybe he didn’t hear me “Oh, heres my destination” and he keeps muttering to himself and driving, again he slows near some men, rolls down the window and asks them “How do i get to the top of the canyon?” they reply with some driection, I try the door but the doors are locked, and he keeps driving, this is the tipping point for me, because he has the adress in maps and I have no idea why he wants to go to the top of the mountain. He thankfully stops at a stop sign in the canyon, I reach through the gap in the seat to his door with my gogo gadget arm, unlock the doors and get out and run into a driveway.

I hid there until I knew he was gone… re-writing this is weird.. the whole thing was frightening.”

What happened to this allegation? Did she file a police report? There is no uncertainty as to who the alleged kidnapped was. Has Uber given a response? If you are a journalist, ask Uber for a response? Can you get a copy of the police report of the original alleged trump-supporter attack?

Pod Awful TV youtube videos about Illma Gore’s hoaxing:
ILLMA GORE: CON ARTIST – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=diA8yOXPO3Y
ILLMA GORE: CON ARTIST 2 – Bloody Disgusting – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=glr6mI9U8LU

For more background on Illma Gore here are a few links:

Her February 10th 2015 /r/Art post of the nude Donald Trump painting: archived @ 3 hours old & on 3/1/2016

In 2015: Los Angeles tattoo artist will ink your name on her body for $10

Mike Cernovich 5/4/2016 article about the first alleged attack