2017.01.20 – D.C.: Inauguration Day Antifa Violence – Limo Set on Fire at Trump Inauguration Parade

A burning limousine was one of the enduring images from the protests that sprung up in Washington, D.C., during President Donald Trump’s inauguration.

Muhammad Ashraf owns Nationwide Chauffeured Services, which operated the limo that was set ablaze. He also happens to be a Muslim immigrant, a group anti-Trump protesters claimed to support.

Ashraf said, “They have all the right to go out and protest and have their voice heard, but destroying property does not do anything better.” Ashraf also said he and the driver received harassing phone calls from people who accused them of being Trump supporters.

Article about all the inauguration day violence in D.C. – Archive

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Disclaimer: Richard Spencer is a terrible person with terrible ideas

Trump Supporter Attacked after Putting Out Trash Can Fire:

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CBS NewsPath correspondent Jamie Yuccas, reporting from the Inauguration day protests in Washington DC, was forced off the air Friday afternoon as violent protesters threw rocks at her and her camera crew:


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