San Jose State University Hoax? Help Me Figure This Out – Media & Police Silence Since The Initial Report

San Jose State University Sophomore Esra Altun alleges that the day after the presidential election, someone used her scarf as a weapon while on the third floor of the West Garage on campus.

“Someone came behind me, pulled my scarf all the way back. My scarf is tied around my neck, so when he did it, it choked me,” she said. “When he was trying to pull me down, my back arched in a very different way. And I was in pain and for that pain to stop, I pulled forward I fell and slammed hard on my knees.”

The man didn’t say a word and ran off. Altun says he was wearing a black hoodie and sweatshirt, khakis and all black vans, but she didn’t get a good look at his face.

Nothing has been reported about this since November 10th 2016. Nothing at all.

If you find anything about this, please let me know!

Here is her account: